14 03 2012
Immagine anteprima YouTube


I have learned my mistakes
I have abandoned my faith
I’m gonna walk back
I’m gonna walk from the past
with only this song to help me to get back on my feet.
I’m gonna start off new
I’m gonna start from the moon
But the fear in your eyes
reminds me how fragile this is

Cause I need you
Cause I want you
Cause I feel you right over my head

Will I feel you?
Will I want you?
Will I need you right over my head?

Will I need you?
Will I want you?
Will I feel you to always come home?

Is it cold?
Is it cold by the sea?
Am I all?
Am I all you can achieve?

And I am falling apart,
falling apart by the moonlight

Will I feel you?
Will I need you?
Will I want you always come home?

I have seen so much pain
I have broken these chains
I’m gonna be strong
I’m gonna start from this song
and only your smile to help me get
trough to the day

 Immagine anteprima YouTube



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